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Psychodrama Australia Melbourne Campus

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

with Hilde Knottenbelt and Charmaine McVea

This training event is for core, intermediate and advanced trainees engaged in psychodrama training in Australia and overseas.

13 Jun 2024
13-16 June
80 McNamaras Road, near Melbourne

with Chris Hosking

For the 2024 Training group and others engaged in psychodrama training in Australia and overseas.

More details to come

27 Sep 2024
Friday, Saturday and Sunday 27-29 September
2 Minona Street, Melbourne

with Hilde Knottenbelt

This two-day workshop will involve active, experiential learning using the psychodrama method.

It is for people interested in experiencing the psychodrama method and for people wishing to discover its relevance for their professional and clinical work with individuals and groups. It is highly recommended for people wishing to enrol in the 2025 Training Group.


12 Oct 2024
Saturday and Sunday 12-13 October 10am-5.30pm each day
2 Minona Street, Melbourne

Current and Past Events

Current and Past Events

Developing presence and the capacity to work with the emerging life in ourselves and others is the focus of this weekend, led by Hilde Knottenbelt.

It will be of interest to people who wish to expand their capacity to work with groups and individuals in a range of settings and to those who wish to develop greater flexibility and efficacy in their professional and personal lives.

13 Feb 2016
10am – 5pm Sat Feb 13 - Sun Feb 14
189 High Street, Melbourne

This supervision group led by Richard Hall is for professionals conducting clinical work in groups and one to one settings.

This includes psychodrama practitioners, trainees and other professionals interested in this approach.

Participants may enrol for the whole year or for one or more series. Each series has for a maximum of five participants.

12 Feb 2016
9 Carlton Street, Melbourne

Here’s a chance to notice, reflect on and savour some of your experiences of life this year…. To consider what has absorbed you, and what has been satisfying, inspiring, challenging, surprising.




25 Nov 2015
Starts 7.15pm, finishes 9.45pm
189 High Street, Melbourne

Saturday Oct 3 - Sunday October 4

Developing presence and the capacity to work with the emerging life in ourselves and others is the focus of this weekend. It is an essential aspect of the practice of the psychodrama method and of the training process at Psychodrama Australia.

3 Oct 2015
10am – 5pm Saturday Oct 3 - Sunday October 4
St Heliers Street, Melbourne

We live our lives in a busy, worldly, multicultural city on a blue planet at the edge of the galaxy. And while many of us are not religious, “sacred” experiences  in our everyday lives can often delight and sustain us.

In this experiential workshop you will be invited to reflect on moments in your life which you might call sacred. There will be a chance to participate as some of these experiences are explored in action. You are likely to come away with an enriched view of yourself and others and our inner worlds.

21 Sep 2015
Starts at 7.15pm and finishes 9.45pm
189 High Street, Melbourne

11-13 September (3 days)

Many groups face the challenge of creating a culture in the world that will enhance our development, and be a community of learning, where there is mutual respect and interest. For creativity to flourish in a group, attention needs to be paid to the emerging interpersonal dynamics. If these are anticipated, valued and understood, the likelihood increases of individual and group purposes being achieved.

11 Sep 2015
189 High Street, Melbourne

This workshop is for facilitators who want to build or expand their repertoire of action methods and integrate fresh perspectives into their practice. It is relevant to those facilitating learning, team building, reviews, consultations, strategic planning and public dialogue.

13 Aug 2015
Thursday and Friday 13-14 August 9.30-5.00
189 High Street, Melbourne

In this evening session you are invited to explore your experiences of a place called home, by participating in or watching a number of brief enactments. Likely to be engrossing, poignant and rich, this session is open to anyone interested in experiencing and observing psychodrama, sociodrama and action methods.

15 Jul 2015
7.15- 9.45pm
189 High Street, Melbourne

This workshop is an opportunity to extend and refine your practice as an individual counsellor and psychotherapist. You can expect to learn how and where new principles can be applied in one-to-one counselling and therapy.

You can expect modelling and teaching of a number of approaches, small group activities where you can practise in groups, and some supervision in the whole group. The overall approach will be playful and active.

The workshop is for experienced practitioners seeking to focus and refine their work and for beginners or newcomers to counselling and psychodrama as well. Your learning will be applicable to a wide range of clients.

4 Jul 2015
Saturday and Sunday 4-5 July 10am-5.30pm
15-17 Victoria Street, Melbourne

This session is open to anyone interested in experiencing and observing psychodrama and action methods.

Register here and pay at the door.

10 Jun 2015
Starts at 7.15 and finishes 9.45pm
189 High Street, Melbourne