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Psychodrama Event

Re-Imagining Everyday Moments

Event Cost: 
$25 - enrol here and pay at the door Students $20

We all have them: everyday moments which need a more inspired response than we come up with at the time. Instead, we can narrow down, withdraw, condemn, dither or collude. We experience a failure of imagination.

These situations can seem pretty minor, but have significance over time as we repeatedly lose an opportunity to find our humour, flexibility, originality and capacity to refresh our patterns of relating.  This applies as much to discussions about who does the chores, as to the impacts of casual comments about age, gender, sexuality, race and the whole shebang.

This session uses action methods from psychodrama to engage you in revisiting a range of everyday situations in a spirit of play and experimentation.


Wednesday 13th April, 2016
Start 7:15 pm
Be there at 7.15pm, finishes 9.45pm
Northcote Town Hall
189 High Street Northcote
Melbourne, VIC 3070