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This website is designed to serve those interested or involved in exploring and learning about psychodrama, sociodrama, sociometry, role training. This includes all uses of action methods for group work, group training, group leadership, and group psychotherapy.

What we are up to

Psychodrama Australia seeks to awaken and strengthen the abilities of people in many settings to express themselves relevantly, responsively and creatively in the ordinary here and now situations in which they live and work. Training is pertinent to people interested in enlivening personal, interpersonal and group functioning in the fields of health, education, organisational development and creative arts.

The training deals with the experiences of the individual in groups and emphasises a systems approach to living. Trainees can expect to develop greater sensitivity and proficiency in interpersonal, group and inter-group relations.

There are local campuses in each state

This page lists all the recent and upcoming programs that are being run throughout Australia at our 5 campuses.  You can also click on the Campus button above or use these links here: Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, or Sydney to see the specific programs coming up at that campus.

If you click on the green button, or the title line of one of the events, you will be taken to all the details of that program, and to the campus that is running it. If you click on one of the campus buttons below, or in the header above, you will immediately see the upcoming programs for that campus.

For further information

For further information please contact us by clicking here, or read further with our Frequently Asked Questions, or check out which is your local campus by clicking here.

Psychodrama Australia

Australia-wide training in Psychodrama, Sociodrama, Sociometry, Role Training and Group Work

During the year new programs will be added and you can either find them here or go straight to the Psychodrama campus page.

All these programs are run by highly qualified and experienced trainers and group leaders who have been involved in this work for many years. The programs are highly engaging and are run using vibrant experiential learning processes.

Benefits of training Benefits of Training

  • Become skilled at facilitation and working with group dynamics
  • Develop a presence and authority in groups
  • Learn to work effectively in the moment
  • Integrate the profound body of Morenian theory about interpersonal relations and human development that you can apply in your chosen field.


Accredition of Institutes

The AANZPA Board of Examiners, which has been appointed according to the Objects of AANZPA, Inc., accredits psychodrama conducted by training Institutes in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand. Each Institute satisfies the standards set out in the AANZPA Training and Standards Manual and is subject to regular reviews.

The AANZPA Board of Examiners also establishes and maintains requirements for certification as a Trainer, Educator and Practitioner (TEP) and issues a current practice certificate annually to each certificated Practitioner or Trainer (TEP) in good standing.

AANZPA, Inc., is a constituent member of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia, Inc., (PACFA).