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Using Role Theory, and the Social and Cultural Atom paper

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Sociatry Vol 1 - Index

Index of Volume I

Psychodrama Journals Title List with links

Psychodrama Journals Title List with links


Towards A Framework For Sociodrama, 2006, AANZPA Thesis, Rollo Browne

This paper focuses on the questions: what is sociodrama, what is its purpose, how does it work and what as a director do I need to pay attention to. A summary of the literature identifies that there is neither agreement about what constitutes sociodrama as a method nor any clarity about how a sociodrama logically builds to a resolution. A working definition of sociodrama is given and a structure and framework proposed for directing sociodrama. An example is given to highlight the application of the sociodramatic method in practice.

Metaphors and Systems Interventions, Open & Closed Systems, by Rollo Browne, 1996.

"Metaphors and System Interventions, Open & Closed Systems" is a paper written for Masters in Social Ecology, UWS, 1996

You aren't at the mercy of your emotions -- your brain creates them | Lisa Feldman Barrett

This is a slightly annoying video which was the type of thing that had me want to define the concept of warm-up so that they could talk sensibly about this type of context and situation.

Is most published research wrong?

This is abput the problem of statistics and vailidity presented in a rather alarming and hence entertaining manner. This is about the problem of statistics and validity presented in a rather alarming and hence entertaining manner.