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Psychodrama Australia Melbourne Campus

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

15-16 October

with Hilde Knottenbelt

15 Oct 2022
10.00am-5.00pm Sat & Sun 15-16 October
2 Minona Street, Melbourne

Current and Past Events

Current and Past Events

Early Bird by 1 Oct $325!

Led by Hilde Knottenbelt

Saturday and Sunday

26-27 October

For people who wish to experience psychodrama for the first time, to reacquaint themselves with this way of working and those who are interested in participating in the 2020 training program

26 Oct 2019
10am-5pm Saturday and Sunday 26-27 October
9 Minona St, Melbourne

Sociodrama Workshop in Melbourne

24-25 August 2019 

Led by Bev Hosking and Jenny Hutt

Early bird closes 26 July



24 Aug 2019
Saturday and Sunday 24-25 August, 2019
9 Minona Street, Melbourne

The Dynamic Nature of the Individual and the Group: a Psychodramatic Perspective 

Three-day psychodrama training workshop in Melbourne

led by Chris Hosking

Early bird closes 21 June


2 Aug 2019
Friday, Saturday, Sunday 2-4 August, 2019
9 Minona St, Melbourne

This three day training workshop in Melbourne will be most relevant to those who have a keen

interest in the psychodrama method, body psychotherapies, drama therapies. Psychodrama has

at its core a deep interest in the movement of the human body - what it teaches us and

how it can guide us in an exploration of the human psyche.

3 May 2019
Friday, Saturday, Sunday 3-5 May 10am-5.30pm, finishes 5pm Sunday

This multi-level training group over eight weekends in 2019 at the Melbourne Campus

is an AANZPA accredited training program. It is for new trainees at the core curriculum level and

for trainees at intermediate and advanced levels of training. It incorporates workshops

in May* and August* which are also open to a wider group of participants.

2 Mar 2019
Starts Saturday and Sunday 2-3 March 10am-5.30pm

Early bird enrolments by 18 January

This workshop uses the psychodrama method to develop the art of slowing down in the company of others.

Participants can expect to generate a range of experiences of the psychodrama method

and to become familiar with the training approach taken at Melbourne Campus.

2 Feb 2019
10am-5pm Saturday and Sunday 2-3 February
9 Minona Street, Hawthorn, Vic 3122, Melbourne

Led by Hilde Knottenbelt

1-2 February 2020

For people who wish to experience psychodrama for the first time, to reacquaint themselves with this way of working and those who are interested in the 2020 training program

More details on the theme soon

1 Feb 2019
10am-5pm Saturday and Sunday 1-2 February
2 Minona St, Melbourne

Led by Richard Hall

The purpose is to further the development of identity as group leaders, counsellors and individual practitioners, and to develop expertise in leadership and clinical application in groups and one to one settings.

26 Oct 2018
Fridays 10am -12 noon
9 Carlton Street, Melbourne

Led by Hilde Knottenbelt

This workshop is for people interested in experiencing the psychodrama method and for

people wishing to discover its relevance for their professional and clinical work with individuals

and groups. It is highly recommended for people wishing to enrol in the

2019 Training Group.

29 Sep 2018
10am-5pm Saturday and Sunday 29-30 September
Cnr Stewart St and Roberts St, Melbourne

Led by Chris Hosking

In this training workshop we will give our attention to the dramatic, we will highlight ourselves as dramatists, artists and theatre lovers and weave this together in what the psyche unfolds to us moment by moment.

14 Sep 2018
10am - 5.30 Friday 14, Saturday 15, Sunday 16 Sept 10am - 5.00pm
, Melbourne