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Psychodrama Australia Melbourne Campus

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Saturday and Sunday 14-15 October 2023

led by Hilde Knottenbelt

When we slow down sufficiently to open out the momentary events that make up our experience, we can be present to the emerging life in ourselves and others.

14 Oct 2023
10.00am-5.00pm Sat & Sun 14-15 October
2 Minona Street, Melbourne

with Hilde Knottenbelt and Jan Allen

This two day experiential workshop brings psychodrama, sociometry and arts making processes to the work of building engaged groups where creativity can flourish.

11 Nov 2023
Sat and Sun 11-12 November 10am -5.30pm each day
2 Minona Street, Melbourne

This multi-level training group over eight weekends between March and October 2024 at the Melbourne Campus is an AANZPA accredited training program. 

For new trainees at the core curriculum level and for trainees at intermediate and advanced levels of training.

2 Mar 2024
10am-5.30pm each day
2 Minona Street, Melbourne

Current and Past Events

Current and Past Events

5-6 February 2022

with Hilde Knottenbelt

Participants will be invited to relate to moments of pause, where we stop to notice what’s in and around us. From simple moments of experiencing, to moments that hold great complexity, we will take the time to stay with, to dis-cover and to re-cover our senses. It is an opportunity to slow down and relate to our present exchanges with kin, with strangers, with ourselves and with the living world and what matters to each of us.

Attendance at this workshop partially fulfils the application requirements for people intending to enrol in the 2022 Psychodrama Training Program at the Melbourne Campus.

5 Feb 2022
10am-5pm Saturday and Sunday 5-6 February 2022
2 Minona Street, Melbourne

With Hilde Knottenbelt

23-24 October 2021

Online workshop


23 Oct 2021
10am-12pm and 2-4pm Saturday and Sunday 23-24 October

with Bev Hosking and Jenny Hutt

4-5 September

More details to come

4 Sep 2021
4-5 September 10am- 5.30pm

Sociometry Training Workshop (3 days)

with Chris Hosking

13-15 August 


13 Aug 2021
10.00-5.30pm Friday & Saturday, 10.00-5.00 Sunday
2 Minona Street, Melbourne

Psychodrama Training Workshop (3 days)

with Jenny Hutt and Hilde Knottenbelt

14-16 May

Over these three days, participants will be engaged experientially in spontaneity training and the practice and art of psychodrama production. It will involve play, practice, demonstrations, teaching and reflection.  Pre-reading will be provided.


14 May 2021
2 Minona Street, Melbourne

This multi-level training group over eight weekends in 2021 at the Melbourne

Campus is an AANZPA accredited training program.

It is for new trainees at the core curriculum level and for trainees at intermediate

and advanced levels of training. It incorporates workshops in May* and August*

which are also open to a wider group of participants.

20 Mar 2021
10.00am-5.30pm Sat, Sun
2 Minona Street, Melbourne

No matter how skilful we might become at turning our attention to the present moment as facilitators,

group leaders, therapists, coaches, and co-creators, we can never capture 'presence' as an artefact,

to be stored up for later use. Presence remains a thing of the moment: ephemeral and emergent,

requiring our attention and intention, and a commitment to enter the unknown.

'Chopping wood and carrying water' refers to a willingness to repeatedly be open to what is.

It includes being open to the possibility of generating fresh experiences and

integrating them into our being and our actions in the world.

27 Feb 2021
10am-5pm Saturday and Sunday 27-28 February 2021
2 Minona Street, Melbourne

with Chris Hosking

7-8 November

7 Nov 2020
10am-5pm Saturday and Sunday 7-8 November

Led by Hilde Knottenbelt

JL Moreno, the person who devised the psychodrama method in the years between the two world wars, is often quoted as saying “I give people the courage to dream again.”  This poetic statement refers to the dynamism of the method and its capacity to enable us to be experimental, to play, to try things out in readiness for life, to engage our sensing, embodied beings and to bring vitality to our interactions with others.

3 Oct 2020
Saturday Oct 3 10am-1pm, 3pm-5.30pm and Sunday Oct 4 Sunday 1pm-4.30pm

14-16 August

with Chris Hosking

Unfortunately this event cannot be held in August due to the pandemic.


14 Aug 2020
14-16 August (3 days)
2 Minona St, Melbourne