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Psychodrama Australia Perth Campus


Perth Campus is back online for 2018

Psychodrama is a general term that includes the philosophy, theory, and methods developed by Dr JL Moreno (1898-1974) and since then by the Australian Aotearoa and New Zealand Psychodrama Association Inc (AANZPA) and many organisations and countries throughout the world.

Psychodrama, which is also referred to as action methods, is conducted in groups in which participants learn the art of progressive group leadership, which fosters more satisfying relationships in both personal, professional, work-place, organisational and community life. Psychodrama has wide application in education, organisational development, community development, health and social justice. This professional development is for anyone who works with others as counsellors, coaches, organisational consultants, team leaders, community service providers, managers, teachers, health professionals, or who are working with individuals or groups in any field.

The work is based on a co-creative experiential learning process, the pillars of which are spontaneity and creativity. We each bring a wide range of prior educational, professional and life experiences to the group and we gain from each other. Through experience, integration of the theory and practice occurs naturally.

The Perth Campus aims to provide a range of opportunities for experiential learning, to appreciate the many aspects of action methods including group leadership, psychodrama, sociodrama and sociometry, that facilitate on-going progressive functioning in everyday life and work situations.

From time to time workshops may also be presented by visiting teachers or trained leaders from other organisations affiliated with Perth Campus.

You are also most welcome to consider psychodrama development and training workshops in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide as part of Psychodrama Australia (this website).

Also, through the Australia Aotearoa New Zealand Psychodrama Association (AANZPA), our professional association, you can find other training and development workshops in New Zealand as well as further information on psychodrama.

The AANZPA site has information on the annual conference held in January each year in various cities in Australia and New Zealand. The coming Conference will be in Brisbane in January, 2019 – see for details.


Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events
There are currently no events to display for this campus.

Current and Past Events

Current and Past Events

This workshop presents an opportunity for us to meet with others to explore various old and outmoded myths and legends which hold us back in our growth and development as healthy, competent and creative individuals. At significant times of change in our lives we are often restricted by old ways of doing things that no longer serve us well.

5 Apr 2014
10am - 4.00pm, Registration 9:45
79 Solomon Street, Fremantle

In the workplace and in life we are often required to deal with things that seem difficult to handle. These can be inner journeys or journeys in the world. Sometimes we respond with concern and sometimes with creativity and courage.

8 Mar 2014
10am - 4.00pm
79 Solomon Street, Fremantle