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Psychodrama Introduction - Roles in the Social Context - Perth

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Moreno recognised that we are not only in relationship with one another; we are at the same time influenced by the wider cultural and community system that we are part of.
We know the systems in our world through our own world view and perspectives. What you see and what sense you make of the system, influences the decisions for interventions and engagement.
You are invited to explore the systems in which we work and live through action methods that can develop new perspectives, uncover hidden dynamics and shine a light on the influencing forces. We will use sociodrama and other action methods.

In this workshop, together we will:
• Appreciate the social and cultural ‘map’ of the systems and the expectations that this may generate
• Explore the values and belief systems that assist in keeping the system vital and alive to respond to the changing environment or hold it back.
• Further develop the roles of social investigator, systems analyst and wise guide to creatively explore interventions, expansions, visions and actions emerging in the system.
• Experience and appreciate the relationships within the system, the dynamics operating, and participants’ individual roles and areas of influence.
This workshop forms part of the Introductory Psychodrama Training Program 2020. Trainees are encouraged to reflect on a system in the work or life to explore with the group.

You will have the opportunity to engage in action as a groiup member, a protagonist or an auxiliary, 

If you are a first-timer at a psychodrama session, you are most welcome and it would be good for you to contact us before hand, so we can get to know a little about your interest and you get to meet one of us. Kevin 0478641763  Helen 0407225116

We look forward to being with you. Kevin Franklin kevfrank@westnet.com.au  Helen Phelan hjphelan@iinet.net.au

Morning and afternoon tea and snacks are provided.

Payments due at least 5 days before the workshop:

Payments to Psychodrama Australia Perth Campus BSB: 036041   Accnt: 284884 - Please include your name and notify Kevin on payment.



Friday 17th July, 2020
Start 6:30 pm
Fri 17th 6:30pm - 9:00pm; Sat 18th 12:30 - 18:00; Sun 19th 9:30 - 4:00pm
North Perth Lesser Hall
22 View Street
North Perth, WA 6062
Helen Phelan, Sociometrist