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Psychodrama Australia Perth Campus


Perth Campus

The Perth Campus aims to provide a range of opportunities for experiential learning applying Psychodrama, also referred to as action methods. This collectively includes group leadership, psychodrama, sociodrama, sociometry and role training that facilitate on-going, progressive and creative functioning in everyday life, work and community situations.

Psychodrama is a general term that includes the philosophy, theory, and methods developed by Dr JL Moreno (1898-1974) and since then by the Australian Aotearoa and New Zealand Psychodrama Association Inc (AANZPA) and many organisations and countries throughout the world.

Psychodrama is conducted in groups and has wide application in education, organisational development, community development, health and social justice. This professional development is for anyone who works with others as counsellors, coaches, organisational consultants, team leaders, community service providers, managers, teachers, health professionals, or who are working with individuals or groups in any field.

As well as the full-year Training Program. Workshops for Introduction to Psychodrama and Professional development using Moreno's action methods will be offered from time to time. These will provide Registraion information on this website and are open to those new to psychodrama and any professional people intered in developing more creative reponses to life.s circumstances and more satisfying relationships.

For interest in the Training program, please contact Kevin Franklin or Helen Phelan and see information below.

The AANZPA site has information on the annual conference held in January each year in various cities in Australia and New Zealand. 


Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

This session is open to previous trainees wishing to engage in further training in 2021.

We als welcome those who have contacted us, who are interested in joining the training.

This is an opportunity to connect with each other and explore interest and commitment to the full-year training program.

There will be an opportiunity to experience brief psychodrama vingettes and ask questions about psychodrama or the training program.

Please contact Helen Phelan or Kevin Franklin


29 Jan 2021
Fri 6-9pm
22 View Street, North Perth

This full-year training course covers the key aspects that are the basis of psychodrama methods. These include knowledge and skills in psychodrama, sociodrama, sociometry and role training. The process of training will enable integration of the theory and practice of the psychodramatic method into your professional practice.

The course will provide opportunities to develop creative responses to your life challenges and relationships and you will develop more spontaneity and new responses to change stuck patterns, enliven your life and tackle new situations in an adequate way. The training covers significant personal development in parallel with professional development and application.

Who is the Course for?

This full-year course is designed for people who work with people. This may be as counsellors, coaches, organisational consultants, team leaders, community group leaders, managers, teachers, or health professionals. Psychodrama training is a post-graduate course and is open to those with a degree, diploma, or equivalence in a relevant field.

We welcome interested newcomers. To be eligible for the course you must have had a minimum of 12 hours experiential work in psychodrama and have an initial interview with the trainer of the Campus.Please contact Trainers for an interview. Helen Phelan Kevin Franklin

The Learning Process


Training is taught through supervised experiential learning processes, supported by reading and written assignments, supervised practice in action, shared learning, and group interaction. The experiential nature and reflective practice of the training will develop your thinking, appropriate new professional-practice approaches, and expand your creative responses in personal expression and relationships.


19 Feb 2021
Fri 19th 6-9pm; Sat 9:30-5pm; Sun 9:30-2pm
22 View Street, North Perth

Current and Past Events

Current and Past Events


Scope of learning:

Experience the psychodrama method in action including a focus on spontaneity and creativity. Coaching as protagonist, auxiliaries & sharing. Psychodrama techniques; interviewing, self-presentation, soliloquy, aside, mirroring & modelling, doubling, concretisation & maximisation. 

4 evening workshops: Thurs 5th Thurs 12th, Thurs 19th,and Thurs 26th ; 6.30 – 9.30pm

For further information and Registration contact Kaye Keam (08) 93822883

5 Mar 2015
4 evening workshops: Thurs 5th Thurs 12th, Thurs 19th,and Thurs 26th ; 6.30 – 9.30pm
99 Loftus Street,, Leederville

Action Learning Centre, Perth Campus of Psychodrama Australia

A one-day orientation workshop introducing new trainees to our 2015 Professional Training & Development Program.


22 Nov 2014
79 Solomon Street, Fremantle

We live and work in a world of systems – family, work, community and organisations. What we see and what sense we make of events and relationships, influences our capacity to respond creatively and how we are impacted. You are invited to explore through action methods, the systems in which you work and live, to assist you to keep your life and creativity.

4 Oct 2014
Workshop 10:00am-4:00pm (Registration 9:45)
79 Solomon Street, Fremantle

In this workshop you have the opportunity to identify and explore moments when you felt alive; and, what stops you from being alive to your own and to others’ responses at other times.

6 Sep 2014
Workshop 10:00am-4:00pm, Registration 9:45
Solomon Street, Fremantle

The purpose of this workshop is to warm up to the Creative Process, the pillars of which are spontaneity and creativity. Participants will have the opportunity to make their own artistic masterpieces that will provide the central focus for the day’s work.

2 Aug 2014
Registration 9:45, Session 10:am-4:00pm
79 Solomon Street,, Fremantle

This workshop will provide opportunities to experience how and why psychodrama – action methods & theory – assists people to awaken and strengthen their ability to live more creatively.  It is on Saturday 12th July 2014, and runs 10:00am - 4:00pm with registration from 9:45am.

12 Jul 2014
Registration 9:45am
79 Solomon Street, Fremantle

We live and work in a world of systems – family, work, community and organisations. You are invited to explore the systems in which we work and live through action methods to become co-creators that can open up new perspectives, uncover hidden dynamics and shine a light on the influencing forces. This workshop will be beneficial to change agents, organisational developers, trainers, consultants, researchers, family therapists, community workers and customer service officers.

14 Jun 2014
10am-4pm, Registration 9:45
79 Solomon Street, Fremantle

In this workshop you have an opportunity to meet - and to get to know - your creative spirit.

3 May 2014
10am - 4.00pm, Registration 9:45
79 Solomon Street, Fremantle

This workshop presents an opportunity for us to meet with others to explore various old and outmoded myths and legends which hold us back in our growth and development as healthy, competent and creative individuals. At significant times of change in our lives we are often restricted by old ways of doing things that no longer serve us well.

5 Apr 2014
10am - 4.00pm, Registration 9:45
79 Solomon Street, Fremantle

In the workplace and in life we are often required to deal with things that seem difficult to handle. These can be inner journeys or journeys in the world. Sometimes we respond with concern and sometimes with creativity and courage.

8 Mar 2014
10am - 4.00pm
79 Solomon Street, Fremantle