Psychodrama Event

Psychodrama Introduction - Essence, Experience and Learning - Perth

Event Cost: 
$25 for new participants

Come and join us in a Psychodrama workshop conducted by experienced group practitioners. Psychodrama is an active and enlivening method which aims to increase spontaneity, strengthen relationships and build community. 

Spontaneity is a foundation concept of the psychodrama method. It involves the ability to respond to people and situations in a lively, authentic and thoughtful way. It involves letting go of the old and moving into new ways of being. Spontaneity flourishes in an atmosphere of exploration and playfulness, and enables us to bring forward our creative abilities, and to move into the unknown with courage and confidence

Psychodrama is essentially about developing yourself and the quality of your relationships through your spontaneity and creativity. The best way to understand the effectiveness of psychodrama is to experience it. This series of workshops is designed to give you an opportunity to experience psychodrama, to gain new perspectives of ourselves and of others, and develop concrete ways of applying it in your world.

Psychodrama can be practiced in one-to-one sessions but training covers principles of group-work processes and group dynamics. The themes emerge from the group, and this cultivates each person’s ability to become fully engaged with each other and the group work. Exploration of both theory and practice is achieved using story-telling, action methods, reflection and expression.

Psychodrama is applicable in workplaces, community, therapeutic and personal situations, and contributes to both personal and professional development. If you're a professional educator, manager, HR / organisational change agent, counsellor, teacher, facilitator, psychotherapist, social worker, trainer, or related creative arts, you will find this workshop of benefit.

Participants will discover the relevance of psychodrama for their own professional work with individuals and groups, as well as gaining new insights and abilities for their own lives. Participants will have the chance to work as protagonist, auxiliary double and group member to assist in integrating the learning.

Comfortable clothing recommended - Tea and Coffee and snacks Provided

Registration limited to 12 participants.

For further information and Registration Contact Helen Phelan Ph:0407225116 

or Kevin Franklin

We would appreciate payment before the session : 

PSYCHODRAMA AUSTRALIA (ABN 53163084151) Perth Campus BSB: 036041 Acct No: 284884

For the Diary: One-day Workshop Sunday15th Dec 10-4pm

Tuesday 10th December, 2019
Start 4:30 pm
4:30pm - 7:30pm
North Perth Lesser Hall
24 View St,
North Perth,, WA 6006
Helen Phelan, Sociometrist