Currently there is no AANZPA accredited Campus in Adelaide. Visiting trainers, and visiting and local practitioners, do conduct accredited workshops from time to time. Please email for details.

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Psychodrama Australia Adelaide Campus
Psychodrama Australia Adelaide Campus

Currently there is no AANZPA accredited Campus in Adelaide.
Visiting trainers, and visiting and local practitioners, do conduct accredited workshops from time to time.
Please email for details.

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Upcoming Events
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Current and Past Events

Current and Past Events

Working with Feeling

In this workshop participants can explore the range of meaning attributed to feelings in a variety of cultures, examine their own history in relation to feelings, and learn to work more constructively with their clients.
Psychodrama action method will be applied to the life of the group and work of individuals. Participants will have a chance to practice working with one another under supervision.

Feelings are our subjective experience of the activities of our limbic system. As such they give us an integrated readout on our perceptions and the meanings we make of them which is faster and richer than the conscious mind.

They range from subtle hunches, fleeting or nagging, through to full on passion.

We ignore them at our peril. They colour our relationships and can destroy our bodies over time.
Frequently they are not convenient. They do not obey the rules.

Learning to deal with feelings is a lifetime work. For the professional they present joy, serendipity, and a challenge.

17 Mar 2017
17th-19th March 7.00-9pm; 9.30-5pm both days
17 Pennington Tce, Pennington

This is the first of five training sessions in 2017. We offer an AANZPA accredited training program which caters for beginners, intermediate and advanced trainees.

Our first workshop will be useful to anyone who works in a group leadership role regardless of the nature and purpose of the group. We will begin with an experiential group session and during the workshop will take time to write and reflect on your learning process within the group. We will also include in this workshop stages of group development and group process. Our main text will be Dr G Clayton's Group Work Training Manual.


10 Feb 2017
10th Feb 6pm-9pm and 11th Feb 9.30am-3.30 pm
17 Pennington Tce, Pennington

The best way to understand the power of psychodrama is to experience it.

Come along and within a safe and gentle environment experience psychodrama.

The sessions will be directed by experienced psychodramatists.

There will be time for questions about the method and its applications within the time frame.

9 Feb 2017
The open night begins at 7.30 and concludes at 9.30pm
17 Pennington Tce, Pennington

Final psychodrama training weekend for the year!

25 Nov 2016
6pm-9pm 25th November and 9.30am-3.30pm 26th November
17 Pennington Tce, Pennington

This workshop will focus on building a culture in which relationships flourish, where we are able to live and work. In which healing and purpose can be fulfilled. Passion and kindness go hand in hand along with a vision of creative living. Learning to reflect on one's behaviour and others will assist in making interventions. Learning to embrace conflict and problem solving, rather than avoiding concerns that arise, will strengthen relationships and assist in the development of a positive group culture.

The psychodramatic method assists participants to increase their spontaneity and creativity through active participation. This participation includes group work, enactment and theoretical and mini lectures. The program will assist in developing leadership and personal confidence. This will lead to increasing abilities in relating to others. The training assists in developing confidence in group presentations and in the development of interpersonal and group skills

This program is designed for professional people who are involved in health, theatre, management, consultancies, coaching, mentoring, supervision, art, writing, teaching, human potential and creative therapies.The process will assist in the deepening of abilities to step into the shoes of others and this will contribute to the effectiveness of those who are therapists, counsellors, psychotherapists, health workers, managers, trainers and educators, actors, artists, writers and poets. Supervised practice for advanced psychodrama trainees is also an aspect fo this program.

the course will consist of enactment, group participation and discussion. Participants are expected to be actively involved on both days. The learning of new skills will be emotionally challenging.

New participants should arrange a face to face or phone interview to connect and determine the suitability of this course.

A certificate of attendance will be given on request and hours may be used for points towards required professional development and psychodrama certification. The training hours are recognised by Psychodrama Australia and can lead to certification as a psychodramatist, sociodramatist, role trainer or sociometrist.



29 Oct 2016
29th October 9.30am-5.30pm and 30th October 9.30am-5.30pm
17 Pennington Tce, Pennington

September psychodrama training in Adelaide continues into Spring!

2 Sep 2016
6pm-9pm 2nd Sept and 9.30am-3,30pm 3rd Sept.
17 Pennington Tce, Pennington

Role theory is an important part of psychodrama training and role development can assist us to learn how to make adequate therapeutic interventions in our work. Come along this weekend and participate in a group learning through action and theory.

5 Aug 2016
5th August 6pm-9pm 6th August 9.30am-3.30pm
Pennington Tce, Pennington

The training group in Adelaide consists of people with a variety of levels of experience. Develop your ability to be present to your own experience within a group and to use in service of developing companionship with others.

1 Jul 2016
1st July 6pm-9pm 2nd July 9.30am-3.30am
Pennington Tce, Adelaide

An opportunity to join with a group of committed people wishing to enhance their spontaneity in the workplace at home and in the community. This training weekend will concentrate on sociodrama.

"Sociodrama will help you as a participant to:

  • -Broaden and deepen your experience and learning
  • -Clarify your own values
  • -Enlarge your role reportoire
  • -Develop flexible functioining
  • Bring about greater understanding of the structure of groups and subcultures
  • -and much more! (Clayton, 1989)
3 Jun 2016
3rd 6pm until 9 pm and the 4th 9.30am until 3.30 pm
17 Pennington Tce, Pennington

Psychodrama Training weekend with special emphasis on sociometry.

13 May 2016
13th May 6pm-9pm and 14th May 9.30am-3.30pm
17 Pennington, Pennington