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Psychodrama Australia Adelaide Campus
Psychodrama Australia Adelaide Campus

Psychodrama Australia Adelaide Campus will be offering a training program in 2018 by staff of the campus - Tony Densley; Margie Abbott; Rob Brodie and Annie Fisher.


Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events
There are currently no events to display for this campus.

Current and Past Events

Current and Past Events

The training group in Adelaide consists of people with a variety of levels of experience. Develop your ability to be present to your own experience within a group and to use in service of developing companionship with others.

1 Jul 2016
1st July 6pm-9pm 2nd July 9.30am-3.30am
Pennington Tce, Adelaide

An opportunity to join with a group of committed people wishing to enhance their spontaneity in the workplace at home and in the community. This training weekend will concentrate on sociodrama.

"Sociodrama will help you as a participant to:

  • -Broaden and deepen your experience and learning
  • -Clarify your own values
  • -Enlarge your role reportoire
  • -Develop flexible functioining
  • Bring about greater understanding of the structure of groups and subcultures
  • -and much more! (Clayton, 1989)
3 Jun 2016
3rd 6pm until 9 pm and the 4th 9.30am until 3.30 pm
17 Pennington Tce, Pennington

Psychodrama Training weekend with special emphasis on sociometry.

13 May 2016
13th May 6pm-9pm and 14th May 9.30am-3.30pm
17 Pennington, Pennington

A wonderful opportunity to meet others committed to the method and developing your capacity.


8 Apr 2016
Friday 6-9pm and Saturday 9.30-3.30pm
17 Pennington Terrace, Pennington

Our second training workshop is coming up in March.

4 Mar 2016
Saturday 5th March 9.30-3.30 pm
17 Pennington Terrace, Pennington

Psychodrama Training in Adelaide accepts beginners; intermediate and advanced trainees committed to learning and applying the method.

The training provides grounding in the theory and practice of psychodrama and offers opportunity for practice; writing and reflection.

12 Feb 2016
6pm-9pm and 9.30am-3.30pm
17 Pennington Terrace, Pennington

This workshop concludes the training opportunities from the Adelaide Campus for 2015.

13 Nov 2015
13th Nov 6-9; 14th Nov 9.30-3.30.
17 Pennington Tce, Pennington

Three day training workshop October 9-11 2015 with Annette Fisher and Rob Brodie

9 Oct 2015
9.30-5.00 October 9, 10 & 11

An opportunity for you to transform your experience of work; expand your repertoire of skills in self-reflection and practice by ongoing training in psychodrama.

18 Sep 2015
18th September 6-9; 19th September 9.30-3.30
17 Pennington Tce, Pennington

Welcome to a Mid-winter workshop that will enable you to develop your spontaneity and creativity and expand your repertoire of skills in both your personal and professional life.

24 Jul 2015
24th July 6-9; 25th July 9.30-3.30.
17 Pennington Tce, Pennington