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Constructive encounter

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“…the human encounter is a never ending practice of the senses; it is like a musical instrument, it has to be tuned again and again. In addition Moreno’s words are meant as more than words, they are meant as invitations to concrete encounters, face to face. Moreno introduces his encounter term as something new, something that hasn’t been there before, something which not only belongs to existence but also has to be found in culture and social life. The term is presented as an answer to a culture that was oriented towards the past; it stresses the category of the moment and is launched to give courage to create something new.”

This is an excerpt from a journal article by Borge Kritofferson Jacob Levy Moreno’s encounter term: a part of social drama 2014

Friday 29th June, 2018
Start 6:00 pm
June 29th 6.00pm-9.00pm June 30th 9.30am-3.30pm
Mt Carmel School Hall
17 Pennington Terrace
Pennington, SA