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Leadership - its not about you, duh!

This is an entertaining talk by four-star general Stanley McChrystal who shares what he learned about leadership over his decades in the military. How can you build a sense of shared purpose among people of many ages and skill sets? By listening and learning — and addressing the possibility of failure. What he is teaching is relevant in just about any situation. He is a pretty good story-teller. Some aspects of his talk remind me that in many organisations leadership is networked rather than follows old-style heirarchies. And that relationships rule. And that it isn't easy stuff - this leadership caper.

We are all involved in sales, damn!

This video is presented here as a way to lighten people up, as it lightened me up, as regards the distress or disgust that can easily arise when the word ‘marketing’ is used. Dan Pink is a motivational specialist and, while we can take it or leave it what he presents, I believe that what he has to say is valuable for those of us who want to broaden the reach of psychodrama. His way of doing it is entirely congruent with that of psychodrama, but he uses very different language. For instance he uses the term ‘attunement’ where we might say ‘get with’ or ‘double’ or reverse roles’. And he had a few suggestion the most relevant of which are - use your head and your heart, and be more like yourself.

Dan Pink - The mystery of motivation

This is a short talk by Dan Pink about motivation and the mysteries of it. Motivation theory is quite a large area of theory in psychology but he is having fun pointing out that while many motivation factors are well known in psychology research they have not made the transition to organisation. Particularly the important are of intrinsic motivation: autonomy, mastery and purpose. This is a safe video to send to senior managers as well.


Adam Blatners Chapter on Psychodrama in a General Text

This is the text written by Adam Blatner on Psychodrama as a chapter in a general psychology text book. He has edited and updated it many times. It is  afairly comprehensive piece of writing and will suit a person keen to work out where psychodrama fits in the world of psychology and health.

Introduction to Psychodrama from Marlo Archer

I was in a family feud over money and needed some advice. I invited my dad to have a talk with me about it on a picnic table near Lake Michigan at the Summerfest grounds, under the Hoan Bridge on a bright, sunny day in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He told me I didn’t need to worry about what my aunt and uncle thought, and he knew I’d make the right decision. We spoke of other things as well. We laughed and cried as I caught him up on everything that had happened in my life since he had died. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that my dad is gone?

A Skeptic's guide to the mind - a talk by Robert Burton at Google

This is a talk at Google by Robert Burton, formerly chief of the Division of Neurology at Mt. Zion-UCSF Hospital and Associate Chief of the Department of Neurosciences, whose new book is A Skeptic's Guide to the Mind: What Neuroscience Can and Cannot Tell Us About Ourselves. It is challenging and worthwhile listening to more than once.

Neuro-Bunk, Neuro Fiction

Can what you eat influence your sense of justice? Will a simple drug make you more likely to help a stranger on the street? Neuroscientist Molly Crockett asks and answers these and many other fascinating questions about the influence of neurotransmitters, like dopamine and serotonin, on altruism and decision-making. Neuroscience may hold the answer, says Crockett, but there are still limits to our ability to draw conclusions from neural research. Crockett received her PhD from the University of Cambridge in 2011, and she is currently working with support from the four-year Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellowship studying human altruism in labratories worldwide.

Peter Howie's presentation of his research into the psychodramatic concept of warm-up

A short presentation from Peter Howie regarding his research into the psychodramatic concept of warm-up.

E-LEarning - Why web sites count and what to do about it.

This is the first E-learning email program.

The Social and Cultural Atom Paper - Dr G Max Clayton

This is a short article about writing a social and cultural atom paper by Dr G Max Clayton originally published in the AANZPA Journal in 2009.