We are all involved in sales, damn!

This video is here presented as a way to lighten people up, as it lightened me up, as regards the distress or disgust that can easily arise when the word ‘marketing’ is used. Dan Pink is a motivational specialist and while you can take it or leave it what he presents, I believe that what he has to say is valuable for those of us who want to broaden the reach of psychodrama. His way of doing it is entirely congruent with that of psychodrama, but he uses very different language. For instance he uses the term ‘attunement’ where we might say ‘get with’ or ‘double’ or reverse roles’. LEt me know what you reckon though.

I believe that much of our problem with marketing is that we become self-focused, then trip ourselves up by becoming conflicted, and that we are often totally unprepared for what to say when someone asks us about psychodrama or what we do, despite spending significant portions of our lives ruminating on the stuff.

I have this here to encourage further discussion, debates, arguments, and engagements around this area. In the AANZPA strategic plan we have a goal of ‘presence’ – which is being known for what we do and ‘relevance’ – which is offering programs that meet peoples needs and requirements. I am still working on what to do when someone asks me about psychodrama. Of course the first thing to do is to get with them.