Psychodrama Event

Stanwell Tops 4 day Residential. Sydney area NOT YET CONFIRMED

Event Cost: 
$1390. Deposit $250 due before your place is confirmed

Shine Like The Sun

Recognising Role Conflict, Embracing Role Integration and Valuing Role Development

It requires, for most of us, courage and trust in our spontaneity to lead a group or direct a psychodrama. As Max Clayton (1992:1) notes, in these moments we are negotiating two powerful forces that exist in an uneasy and dynamic relationship – ‘an inner urge to grow, to live fully in the moment, to experience purpose and meaning, to create ideals and live by them, and a contradictory desire for safety, the avoidance of the unknown and of appearing odd or different, the fear of letting go outdated roles and developing progressive roles’.

Through leading, we learn to recognise and manage these forces, which can be understood as the conflict between the personal and collective aspects of roles. Firstly, there are our expectations of ourselves as leaders, for example, the need to get it right and be able to access our spontaneity in a free and creative way. And secondly, there are the cultural norms, what others think of us, their expectations that we take sufficient authority to reduce anxiety in the group, that we follow the protagonist’s warm up and facilitate adequate sharing.

The resolution of these internal role conflicts involves recognising our warm up to leadership and then, clarifying and adjusting the way in which we balance the personal and collective elements in the moment. Role integration occurs as we absorb a new experience or insight into our being and allow it to influence our activity and judgment (Moreno 1993:198). Our warm up to leadership becomes unified and we are no longer caught between conflicting forces or roles.

In recognising internal role conflicts and embracing the integration of new experience, we arrive at role development. The valuing of role development usually requires us to slow down, to drop the tendency to self-evaluate and to take in the mirroring that is offered. We then increase our awareness of what we have done well as opposed to saying ‘yes … but’, which inhibits our growth and focuses us on inadequacy and the future. We grow when we value role development in the present moment, free from role conflict.

The aim of this residential workshop is that you, as trainee directors and group leaders, will increasingly live in the progressive roles that you have developed to date, that you will recognise role conflict, embrace role integration and value role development, that you will, in Pink Floyd’s words, ‘shine like the sun’ (Shine On You Crazy Diamond, 1975).

Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun.                                             

And you will know that, in psychodrama, as in life, being young is a matter of spontaneity flow...


Session Times & Meal Times

Please arrive by 9.30am for 10am start on Thursday. The workshop finishes at 4pm on Sunday.

There are three sessions per day with a generous break at lunchtime, and a shorter session in the evenings.

Meals are at the Conference Canteen, generally Breakfast 7.30-8.30am, Lunch 12.30-1.30pm, Dinner 6.00-6.45pm.

Venue: Boronia Lodge, The Tops Conference Centre, 51 Bendana Gardens Rd, Stanwell Tops


By train from Central Station in Sydney to Helensburgh. You will need an Opal card for travel. The best direct train from Central leaves at 8.13am, arriving at 9.06am. You will need a lift from Helensburgh to the Conference Centre at Stanwell Tops, 8 mins. Please let the organisers know if you need a lift.

If you arrive by air, take the train from either Domestic or International Airport station to Wolli Creek (2-3 stations away) and change there for Helensburgh. Opal Card needed.

By car from Sydney. Approximately 100 minutes from CBD depending on traffic.

Take the Princes Highway south towards Wollongong. It becomes the motorway M1. Turn off left to Stanwell Tops/Stanwell Park, go straight at the roundabout, staying on Lawrence Hargrave Drive for nearly 3 km, turn right at the stone monument into Stanwell Tops. Take the second right, Bendeena Gardens Rd, drive to the end and turn left into The Tops Conference Centre. Follow the signs to Boronia. 


Thursday 15th October, 2020
Start 10:00 am
Please be there by 9.30am for 10am start Thurs 15 October, Finishes 4pm Sun 18 October.
Boronia Lodge, The Tops Conference Centre
51 Bendana Rd
Stanwell Tops, NSW