Rollo Browne


Rollo Browne (BA, Dip Ed, Dip Adult Ed, MAppSci) is a Sociodramatist, and TEP, who has been applying Morenian methods for the past 25 years across his consulting and facilitation work.  He has been training professionals to be psychodramatists since 1997. His work spans leadership training, organisational development and executive coaching. For the past 20 years he has applied Morenian methods in his consulting and facilitation work.

Previously he worked in schools with boy's education issues where he became fascinated by group dynamics. From there it was a small step to team development and cultural change in organisations: where the issues are similar but everyone wears longer pants. The key to his work is the love of action and the reconnection of clients to their own spontaneity so that they can intervene in their own situations. He has been the editor of the AANZPA Journal (2003-2007), on the AANZPA Executive (2006-2014), and was Executive Director of Psychodrama Australia.