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Sociodrama 3 Day Training Workshop, 7 - 9 June, Sydney

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Course Description:

Sociodrama training. Working with Organisations, Families and other Human Systems. This workshop is for leaders and other change agents who wish to refine their abilities to work sociodramatically within the organisations and systems in which they work and live.

Your ability to design and create interventions into the culture and dynamics of organisations or any social system depends a lot on what you pay attention to and what you make of what happens in front of you. Sociodrama is a method through which you will become more aware of the underlying dynamics and the different social forces at work in those situations, and better understand the parts you play and your points of influence in the system being investigated.

What you can expect

Participants will be invited to make progress in the situations they face, by

  • setting out and investigating the organisational, community, work and family systems
  • experiencing the relationships and dynamics operating from different points of view
  • making working hypotheses of the systems displayed and design possible interventions
  • refining interventions and further develop action plans
  • expanding role repertoires as wise revolutionaries and change agents
  • engaging with individualised development that may arise in response to undertaking this demanding and complex work

Training hours

Training hours are recognized by all Psychodrama Australia Campuses, which are accredited by the AANZPA Board of Examiners. AANZPA is  a founding member of PACFA.


Dates: 2014 Sat 7th, Sun 8th, Mon 9th June, 9.30am to 4.30pm
Venue: The Awareness Institute, 20 Clark Street, Crows Nest
Cost: $1,035, deposit $100

For further information on sociodrama, or related action method, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions by clicking here.

Saturday 7th June, 2014
Start 9:30 am
The Awareness Institute
1/20 Clarke Street
Crows Nest, Sydney, NSW