Elizabeth Synnot

Elizabeth Synnot
Trainer, Director of Training (Brisbane)

Elizabeth is a sociodramatist who has a reputation for getting to the heart of the work at hand. She assists people to work together in a cooperative and purposeful manner, in spite of differing visions, values and personalities.

Elizabeth is a Trainer, Educator and Practitioner (TEP) and Director of Training in the Psychodrama Australia Brisbane Campus.   She has trained beginners, intermediate and advanced trainees for over 30 years providing supervision in their development and their application of the psychodrama method.

Elizabeth enjoys her work as a family therapist with individual family members, couples and family groups.   She brings to this work extensive experience working with people in blended families, knowledge of family law, and her personal experiences of being childless, being an adoptive parent, an active grandmother, and a great grandmother.

She provides team and individual professional supervision for those in the helping professions and prefers a long-term working relationship of one to five years.

Elizabeth assists large public and private sector organisations in their teamwork, priority setting and planning, and their leadership development. She works with community organisations to improve teamwork, community consultation, and management group decision-making.  Elizabeth is engaged in this work primarily because she can assist the sometimes rough and tumble of group life and not lose sight of the in-common purpose of the work as individual and team resilience expands.

Elizabeth is a leadership coach for those holding positions of responsibility and authority; in businesses, sporting groups, religious communities, families and community managed enterprises.  She provides leadership education, coaching to expand leadership capability, and assist individual’s with the personal dilemmas experienced in high-profile work.

In addition to her certification as a sociodramatist by AANZPA Elizabeth has qualified as a trainer, educator and practitioner (TEP).  Elizabeth also has a Bachelor of Laws degree from Adelaide University and a Masters of Social Science from University of Tasmania.  She wrote her Master’s  dissertation on comparing the conceptual models of sociodrama with organisational development, particularly action research.  She has written a sociodrama thesis on the topic of creating the shift in culture and leadership practice from one of  ‘commanding and controlling’ to that of ‘relating and creating’. 

Elizabeth works in her practice three days a week and works as a staff member of the Psychodrama Australia Brisbane Campus for up to one day a week.  She works intermittently as a voluntary member of AANZPA: currently on the AANZPA Executive with shared responsibility for Executive-Regions relationships, and is the Acting Membership Secretary pro tem.  Formerly she was on the AANZPA Ethics sub committee.  She is an office holder in AANZPA Queensland Region.