Writing series of 7 Sunday workshops: Elizabeth Synnot: 10 am – 2 pm 2016

These writing days are for psychodrama trainees who are wanting a cooperative environment to progress their writing. Each one will include a short training input session and time to do some writing. 

Sessions are tailored to those who attend. In addition, there will be a focus in each session, as published below. For instance, the first session will include a warm-up to describing your work. This will include a general introductory paragraph on your work, background to the moment or event being described, and descriptions of several moments or events from your work, and your reflections and afterthoughts on each one. The moments described will be written firstly as an objective description. Secondly as a psychodrama analysis using spontaneity theory, role theory, and sociometry and group work theory.

  1. 26/5 Analysis, conclusions and implications, preface
  2. 3/7 Conclusions and implications, preface and abstract
  3. 7/8 Preface, abstract and introduction, revising title and hypothesis
  4. 4/9 Abstract and introduction and literature review
  5. 2/10 Introduction, literature review and bibliography
  6. 6/11 The overall coherency, linking sections, headings, grammar and style
  7. 11/12 Occam’s razor: revising title, grammar and style, reading out loud.

Cost $80 for all or $20 per session - invoiced on attendance.


Saturday 21st May, 2016
Start 10:00 am