A series of research articles from 2015 - for interest or fun.

This is a series of journal articles that I found listed on Google Scholar for 2015. They are of interest because they are not generally available and are in interesting journals from around the world: some are printed in regional psychodrama journals but most are not. They are here for enjoyment, perusal, and reading, if you see the need. I have included the titles in the files names so you may get a flavour of each one - and a could of extra words if more are needed.

  1. ‘Welcoming the Other’- psychodrama in an acute inpatient unit: A great short article by an Australian running bi-weekly psychodrama groups in a hospital in Melbourne for the last 10 years. This one is from Melbourne.
  2. The transmogrification of warm-up: from drama to psychodrama: A journal article following Moreno's taking of warm-up from the spontaneity theatre to warm-up in psychodrama. This is from Brisbane.
  3. Action Methods and Experiential Learning – Practice-Oriented Research in Psychodrama: This is not an article but a brochure from the Federation of Europeacn Training organisation (FEPTO) Research Committee Meeting held 26th of February -1st of March 2015 in Lisbon, Portugal.
  4. Adjustment to cancer- exploring patients’ experiences of participating in a psychodramatic group intervention: Looking at the value of psychodrama groups for folks with cancer. This one is from Italy.
  5. An Exploration Of Humanistic Methodologies Of Language Teaching- The Silent Way, Community Language Learning, Suggestopedia, Psychodrama: Interesting to find psychodrama used or considered for use with language teaching. This one ois from Malyasia.
  6. Effect of Psychodrama-Based Group Training for Healthy Lifestyle on Psychological Balance, Spiritual Well-Being and Optimism: Surprise, surprise it had a signifcant effect on the students. This one is from Iran.
  7. Effectiveness of Group Training of Health-Oriented Lifestyle Using Psychodrama in the Improving Phobia, Paranoid Thoughts, and the Lack of Emotional Clarity in Students: This one worked as well, though a small study. This one from Iran.
  8. Effectiveness of psychodrama group therapy on pupils with mathematics anxiety: This is from Italy but in a Gernal psychodrama journal. Its a neat piece of research with pre and post tests and the like but increadibly small sample size. Could be thought pf as a pilot study. From and English teacher in Italy via a German journal.
  9. Influence of Group Therapy in Psychodrama on the Attachment Style of Children at-Risk: Educational, Emotional, Social,
    and Behavioral Aspects
    : A fairly self-explanatory article from Israel.
  10. Mobilizing Aesthetics in  Psychodramatic Group Work: A neat article that argues "that shared aesthetic experiences can help to deepen therapeutic rapport between participants and the therapist. By Ben Rivers from Armidale but is usually with a playback theatre troupe in the middle-east"
  11. On measuring tele: This is an article, rather mathematicl for me - great for the more mathematically minded amongst us though - translated from the Portuguese by Michael Wieser and printed in a Gernam journal.
  12. Psychodrama and Sociodrama- Aristotelian Catharsis Revisited: This is a great article for considering the similarities and differences between Aristotle's and Moreno's ideas about catharsis. This article is from Egypt.
  13. Psychotherapy Role theory and executive functioning - Constructing cooperative paradigms of drama therapy and cognitive neuropsychology: This is an interesting one - you might need to be familiar with Landy's ideas about role theory (like ours...sort of) and role method (no idea yet) which  is the type of role theory discussed in this article. This one is from New York, New York.
  14. Staging dramatic enactments to resolve conflicts in couples: This is an article on that area of couples therapy where the other couple is used as an auxiliary - about time someone wrote about it, don't you think?
  15. The effect of a psychological empowerment program based on psychodrama on empowerment perception and burnout levels in oncology nurses: Psychological empowerment in oncology nurses: This was a small neat research effort using a randomised control group and showed good outcomes.
  16. The four-phase CBN Psychodrama Model - A manualized approach for practice and research: This is an article about using CBT, narrative therapy, and psychodrama. The attempt to manusalise, is an attempt to developed regular types of programs that make research very easy. See what you think.
  17. Traversing distance and proximity- the integration of psychodrama and dance movement therapy techniques in supervision: This is pretty self-explanatory and is an article is from Scotland.
  18. Using psychodrama to relieve social barriers in an autistic child - A case study and literature review: Its a a fiarly short article and the lit review is pretty small. Ths one is from China.
  19. Whitehead’s Categoreal Scheme as a Social-Psychiatric Game—Autism and Metaphysics: This is an interesting article and the author attempts to "... portray the spontaneity of the psychodrama and the metaphysical constant of the Whiteheadian process into one complete system". This is from Hungary.
  20. Between psychodrama and gestalt therapy: Affinities, obstacles and perspectives: This is an interesting article in Portuguese that I used Google Translate with and then read through. Some of it is more readbale than other bits but the ideas are certainly clear.