How Do We Change When We Really Listen To The People We Love?

This talk is included because it is wonderful and because it shows again the capacity human beings have for being creative and remarkable creatures, the power of stories, and the power of listening and being listened to.

About Dave Isay's TED Talk

Dave Isay started StoryCorps with a recording booth in Grand Central Terminal, and an open invitation for people to interview one another. Since then, it's turned into a massive archive of intimate conversations.

About Dave Isay

Dave Isay is the founder of StoryCorps, an audio project that has collected more than 50,000 personal interviews. The archives of StoryCorps are kept at the Library of Congress' American Folklife Center, and constitute the largest single collection of recorded voices in history.

StoryCorps invites friends and loved ones to conduct 40-minute interviews at small recording booths across the country. Offering moving and surprising glimpses into the lives of often marginalized and forgotten subjects, the interviews are a familiar feature of NPR's Morning Edition and