To Be Rescheduled: Sociodramatic Systems Assessment - Online.

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JL Moreno created sociodrama as a vehicle to “focus its dramatic eye upon the collective factors” relevant to a group – a family unit, a community group, a work team, a social group etc. Through a sociodramatic lens, it is the interests and issues of the group as a whole which are paramount. As such “it is the group as a whole that has to be put on the stage to work out its problem”, within the network of relationships which are at the nucleus of every interaction and the context of the broader system / environment in which the group exists.

Working as a practitioner with groups requires an understanding and attention to social systems, role theory and sociometry, as a framework for understanding the dynamics of group functioning in a holistic and non-judgemental way. Attention is given to group structures and the patterns of role relationships and to group ability to relate to the emerging moment.

This program focuses on the application of social systems theory, role theory and sociometry as a holistic approach to the assessment of group functioning and as a guide to practitioner decision-making. You will hone your ability to perceive a group’s functioning through these lenses, to identify what development would be helpful in progressing the aims of the group and what interventions are likely to facilitate that development.

Each session will include 

·       presentation and discussion of some theory

·       a focus on applying this theory in practice, and

·       communicating a system assessment in writing

The areas of theory and practice that will be presented include

·       Identifying and mapping the inner structures of the group – its sociometry, patterns of role relationships and the world views embodied in sub-groups

·       Identifying the broader context within which the group sits 

·       Identifying the extent to which the group and the broader system is open or closed

·       Identifying the central purpose of the group and what unifying or disconnecting forces are present

·       Identifying group power and conflict dynamics

·       Utilisation of sociodramatic questions to frame the group’s self-exploration

·       Utilisation of system statements in production 

The presentation and discussion of work applications will focus on 

·       Tuning in to the functioning of the group in the moment.

·       Mapping the group sociometry and other relevant group dynamics and contexts

·       Identifying areas for role development 

·       Identifying the types of interventions that might assist development for this group at this moment in time.

Who is the program for?

The program is suitable for people working in relevant counselling, psychotherapy, coaching and community contexts. There is a requirement that participants are currently working with clients, so that there is an opportunity to apply the learning and to present an aspect of their client work during the program. 

Tuesday 31st August, 2021
Start 6:00 pm
Tues evenings 6pm-8.30pm 31 Aug, 14 Sept, 28 Sept, 12 Oct, 26 Oct.