Bringing Spontaneity to Conversations that Matter: A Role Training Workshop

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In this workshop, we apply role training, a specific form of the psychodrama method, to bring greater spontaneity to conversations that matter.

Spontaneity lies at the heart of the psychodrama method. It emerges in the here and now, as we relate to this moment unencumbered by habitual responses from the past. It is an antidote to anxiety-driven reactivity and isolating tendencies. The spontaneous person can bring a fresh response to old, familiar situations and meet new situations with vitality and immediacy. Role training focuses on identifying critical moments when we lose our spontaneity and developing the freedom to respond in a new way in those moments.

Over two days, you will develop your abilities to conduct a role training session, at the same time as you develop your capacity to stay present in interpersonal situations that matter to you.

In particular, we will focus on:

·      Bringing the situation to life through the development of the enactment.

·      Reversing roles with people who have different beliefs or perspectives.

·      Paying attention to the system that is impacting on the relationship.

·      Identifying critical moments when spontaneity is lost.

·      Engaging the individual or group in assessing the person’s functioning, in a way that promotes spontaneity.

·      Engaging the group in generating options through experimentation and playfulness.

Advanced psychodrama trainees will have opportunities for supervised practice. People new to training will learn about the method from immersion in the role training process and participating in the discussions that follow each enactment.

Who is this workshop for

This training workshop is suitable for people who want to apply role training in their work as educators, coaches, trainers, therapists and group workers. People with experience in psychodrama and those new to the method are welcome. 


For further information  contact Charmaine McVea  

email:   Mobile 0401 375 195






Saturday 6th May, 2023
Start 9:30 am
Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th May 2023, 9.30am - 4.30pm
Crows Nest Community Centre
2 Ernest Place
Crows Nest, NSW 2065
Street parking & paid parking station on Saturday. Parking stations free on Sunday.