Psychodramatic role assessment: A guide for clinical decision making. (Online)

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Psychodramatic role theory provides a framework for understanding human functioning in a holistic and non-judgemental way. The individual is seen in the context of their life and relationships, taking into consideration developmental experiences that impact on their current orientation to the world. Attention is given to cognitive, feeling and action elements of human functioning, to the person’s capacity to warm-up in a way that promotes vitality, and to their ability to relate to the emerging moment.

This program focuses on the application of role theory as a holistic approach to assessment and as a guide to clinical decision-making.  You will hone your ability to perceive a person's functioning through the lens of roles and relationship systems, to identify where role development is desired and what interventions are likely to facilitate that role development.

Each session will include some theory, a major focus on applying this theory in clinical practice, and communicating a role assessment in writting.

The areas of role theory that will be presented include:

  • The psychodramatic construct of roles
  • The social and cultural atom – knowing a person in the context of their core relationships.
  • Progressive, coping and fragmenting roles – perceiving the health, stress and distress in a role system.
  • Social atom repair – the psychodramatic construct of healing.
  • Interventions guided by the role assessment.

The presentation and discussion of clinical work will focus on 

  • Tuning in to the functioning of the person in the moment.
  • Mapping the person’s role system
  • Identifying areas for development and areas where social atom repair is required.
  • Identifying the types of interventions that might assist healthy role development for this person at this moment in time.

Who is the program for?

The program is suitable for people working in counselling, psychotherapy and coaching contexts. There is a requirement that group members are currently working with individual clients, so that there is an opportunity to apply the learning and to present an aspect of their client work during the program. 

People need to have some experience of psychodrama and a rudimentary understanding of role theory, typically achieved with 150 hrs of psychodrama training.

This program will be of benefit to trainees who are warming up to writing their social and cultural atom paper. If you are a trainee in a campus other than Sydney, please discuss the suitability of the program with your local Trainer or Director of Training before registering.

Group size: Maximum of 6 participants.

Dates and times:  5 sessions of 3 hours each, held fortnightly. Commences Thursday 22 April..

Venue: Online

Thursday 22nd April, 2021
Start 6:00 pm
6pm - 9pm every second Thursday 22 Apr; 6 & 20 May; 3 & 17 Jun