Psychodrama Production

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An essential element in the functioning of the psychodrama director is to produce dramatic enactments that bring the drama to life in the here and now. A psychodrama that is produced well is both aesthetically engaging and assists the group to enter into the action, bringing greater spontaneity to the drama.

Kellermann (1992) had this to say about the psychodramatist as producer: 

‘(their) task is to create a stimulating work of dramatic art. This work requires the psychodramatist to have specific directing skills, to help the protagonist set the scene, to control the placing of the actors on the stage, to correct the personification of auxiliaries, to handle the warm-up, rhythm, and timing of the action, to give the stage the right atmosphere through lighting and physical set up, and to be able to suggest possible ways of concretisation which translate a situation into symbolic presentation. Furthermore, psychodramatists are expected to induce spontaneity in the session through their own enthusiasm, imagination and willingness to approach each session as a new adventure’ (p.48).

In this workshop, we will focus on producing the drama, paying particular attention to:

·      Being a producer, rather than a problem solver or therapist, from the moment the protagonist steps on the stage.

·      Setting the scene with attention to aesthetics, dramatic qualities and the use of the five senses to induce a sense of immediacy (as if) - visual (what do you see?), sounds (what do you hear?), aroma (what do you smell?), touch (what does it feel like?).

·      Attending to action cues.

·      Producing the enactment between protagonist and auxiliaries.

·      Playing with a range of psychodrama production techniques.

Saturday 9th November, 2024
Start 9:30 am
Saturday 9th, Sunday 10th Nov 2024, 9.30am - 4.30pm.
Crows Nest Community Centre
2 Ernest Place
Crows Nest, NSW 2065
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