Sociodrama: Using action to create fresh responses to social concerns.

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Sociodrama brings life to the questions that a group or community is grappling with. Using action methods, the group investigates the social system to gain a broader and deeper experiential understanding of the dynamics at play. The sociodrama director encourages group members to warm up to the different roles in the system, so that stereotyping is minimised and the essential motivations and concerns of all parties are portrayed. Through the concretisation of the system and the enactment of relevant scenarios, group members experience the system from these different viewpoints and new responses become possible. 

In this workshop you will develop your understanding of the sociodrama method and how it can be applied in groups and communities. There will be a focus on:

a)  Identifying the sociodramatic question that captures the concern of the group.

b) Bringing a social concern to life in the here and now.

c) Coaching group members to deepen and sustain their warm-up, so that a meaningful enactment is produced.

d) Reversing roles with ‘the other’ in the system.

e) Making meaning of the enactments that are produced, to consolidate the experiential learning. 

Saturday 5th November, 2022
Start 9:30 am
Sat 5 & Sun 6 Nov 9.30am-4.30pm each day
Clontarf Cottage
4 Wallace St
Balmain, NSW 2041