Creativity and the Life of the Imagination - Online

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Friday 26th June (evening) to Sunday 28th June 2020.

With Hilde Knottenbelt & Charmaine McVea

The shift in context facing each one of us as we live with the impacts of COVID 19 has meant that many of us have had to reimagine aspects of our lives and futures. As a society, we have witnessed and experienced things in the broader culture, and no doubt in ourselves, that were inconceivable just four months ago. What was unimaginable has happened. We are largely occupying the social space in a reconfigured way; our body experiences have been at least somewhat redrawn.

In the midst of this disruption and loosening to some of our patterned ways of living, there is a possibility to reconfigure, reassess and to dream again.

Using the psychodrama method and arts making processes, this workshop offers an in-between space where the stories we tell ourselves about who we are can be paused and perhaps reimagined. It offers a liminal space where the experiencing being can stay with what is, as part of engaging in a creative process.

In psychodrama, the process of imagining is strongly linked to our sensing beings in the here-and-now. Anchored in the present tense, in the context of time, space and significant others, dramatic enactment paves the way for reimagining, for vitality, for immediacy and for us to become fully participating citizens in the world. Group members are encouraged to expand their expression beyond what might have been said and done in life or imagined in the privacy of their thoughts, into a shared space, with similarly engaged others.

The Online Setting: This is an experiential workshop online, using psychodrama and the creative arts. We will be working with new ways to create a shared space, to warm-up to our experience and to each other, to produce enactments and integrate new experiences. Group numbers will be kept small to maximise the opportunity for group engagement.

Who is the workshop for:  This workshop is suitable for people with a minimum of 50 hours face-to- face experience of psychodrama who are keen to bring greater creativity to their life and work.

Friday 26th June, 2020
Start 5:00 pm
Friday 26 June 5pm-7pm; Saturday 27th June 10am-1pm & 3pm-5pm; Sunday 28th June 2pm-5pm.