Psychodrama Event

What Holds Me Back from Being More Fully Myself: At work, in my private life and at play? - Perth

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This workshop presents an opportunity for us to meet with others to explore various old and outmoded myths and legends which hold us back in our growth and development as healthy, competent and creative individuals. At significant times of change in our lives we are often restricted by old ways of doing things that no longer serve us well.Through action learning and some artistic expression, we will experience various options to assist us to free ourselves from old shackles and find other pathways that bring new life and vitality to our being.

Kaye is a practicing psychodramatist, visual artist, coach and consultant, and works to inspire individuals, colleagues, organisations, families and community groups by bringing colour, vitality and wellbeing to her work. Her aim is to foster collaborative and co-creative relationships which reflect the generosity of the human spirit. She believes that it is rarely the task that confounds a person but is mostly our ability to relate effectively with those we encounter in all of our pursuits.

Tea and coffee provided - bring light lunch to share in the courtyard.

Registration: 9:45am


Kaye Keam kayekeam@gmail.com 9382 2883, 0418 900 312

If you have any queries about this workshop or about any other workshops please contact Kaye on kayekeam@gmail.com  or use our contact form which can be used here or read our frequently asked questions.


Saturday 5th April, 2014
Start 12:00 pm
10am - 4.00pm, Registration 9:45
"Warwick House"
79 Solomon Street
Fremantle, WA
Who: Kaye Keam, Director