Psychodrama Event

A S P I R A T I O N S -An exploration of the roles of the artist within - Perth

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The purpose of this role training workshop is to warm up to the Creative Process, the pillars of which are spontaneity and creativity. Participants will have the opportunity to make their own artistic masterpieces that will provide the central focus for the day’s work.

Scenario 1. Stuck in a conserved cultural system = same old, same old routines

For most people the majority of hours in our daily existence revolves around the workplace. People with whom we interact are familiar on a collegial level, some we get along with very well, some not so and others we feel neutral towards, much the same as in any system. Our cultural ‘norms’ have conditioned us to ‘subsist’ in environments and situations that seem to go on in a ‘samey’ sort of ‘shut down’ way.

Scenario 2. Longing for cultural change = I want a bit more fun and excitement in my life

Sooner or later we begin to experience a new awareness; a burning desire or inner passion for the opportunity for greater creative self-expression and revitalisation as an individual. We long to fulfil our aspirations so we actively begin to seek out new ways to reclaim ourselves by developing the creative artist we know is waiting to emerge in whatever form it presents.

Scenario 3. The new cultural order – Spontaneity and Creativity = Living more fully in the moment

The aspirations of living more creatively through practicing an art, leads to practicing the art of more creative living. Another way of putting it might be to live an ordinary life in an extraordinary way.

Time for action! After all, nothing ventured, nothing gained

Tea and coffee provided – bring light lunch to share

RSVP: Kaye Keam, (08) 9382 2883 M 0418 900 312

Helen Phelan, Kevin Franklin, 

Saturday 2nd August, 2014
Start 10:00 am
Registration 9:45, Session 10:am-4:00pm
‘Warwick House’,
79 Solomon Street,
Fremantle, WA
Director: Kaye Keam Practicing Artist, Psychodramatist - Persomal & Professional Groupwork Leadership