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Psychodrama Training Program for 2015

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Contact Registrar Kaye Keam (08) 93822883

Course Outline

Psychodrama is a general term that includes the philosophy, theory, and methods developed by Dr JL Moreno (1889-1974) and since then by the Australian, Aotearoa and New Zealand Psychodrama Association Inc (AANZPA).

Training in psychodrama which is also referred to as action methods, is conducted in groups in which participants learn the art of group-work leadership. Training supports the development of more satisfying relationships in both personal and professional life.

Trainees participate in a multi-level, co-creative experiential learning process. Its pillars are spontaneity and creativity. Multi-level refers to the wide range of prior educational and life experiences each individual brings to the training group. The co-creative aspect refers to a rich mutual-learning we gain from others throughout the course. Integration of the theory and practice of the psychodramatic method occurs as training progresses.

This collaborative way of learning enables us to function more freely and promotes a greater sense of social connectedness and self-worth. Collaboration increases our ability to reach more of our unique potential as we progress through life with its ongoing challenges. This brings more vitality to our inter-personal world, particularly in relation to those with whom we live, work and play.

Who is the Course for?

This personal and professional development training course is for people who work with others as counsellors, coaches, organisational consultants, team leaders, community service providers, managers, teachers, health professionals, or who are working with individuals and groups in any field. It offers a comprehensive foundation and opportunity to develop skills and abilities that facilitate on-going progressive functioning in everyday life and work situations. We welcome interested new comers and regulars who wish to register for the specified workshops in the calendar of events. 

For further information and Registration contact Kaye Keam (08) 93822883

Thursday 5th March, 2015
Start 6:30 pm
Mar - Dec - See Events for Details
Loftus Community Centre
99 Loftus Street,
Leederville , WA 6007
Kaye Keam
Helen Phelan