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We live and work in a world of systems – family, work, community and organisations. What we see and what sense we make of events and relationships, influence our decisions for intervention and engagement. You are invited to explore the systems in which we work and live through action methods that can open up new perspectives, uncover hidden dynamics and shine a light on the influencing forces. This workshop will be beneficial to change agents, organisational developers, trainers, consultants, researchers, family therapists, community workers and customer service officers. In this workshop, together we will:

  • Experience and appreciate the relationships within the system and the dynamics operating
  • Appreciate the social and cultural ‘map’ of the systems and the expectations that this may generate
  • Explore our own world-views ,  individual roles and areas of influence
  • Further develop the roles of social investigator and systems analyst to creatively explore possible interventions, expansions, visions and actions

BIO: Helen has taken psychodrama into her life and work and achieved Certification as a Sociometrist in 2004. Helen has engaged with change and personal development for many years. Her passion for developing people’s capacity to follow their purpose has taken her on several professional journeys. She also has a keen interest in systems approaches, working first with information systems development and then assisting organisations to tap into their creative energies to find solutions that contribute to healthier workplaces. In recent years Helen has found great challenge and appreciation working with social justice issues, education on diversity, cultural competency and systemic discrimination, supplementing these with studies in a Masters in Human Rights.

Tea and coffee provided - bring light lunch to share in the courtyard.

Registration: 9:45am


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Saturday 14th June, 2014
Start 10:00 am
10am-4pm, Registration 9:45
Warwick House
79 Solomon Street
Helen Phelan, Workshop Director