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Psychodrama Training Group 2020

Event Cost: 
$3,750 (Pay $1,875 each semester)

This multi-level training group over eight weekends in 2020 at the Melbourne

Campus is an AANZPA accredited training program.

It is for new trainees at the core curriculum level and for trainees at intermediate

and advanced levels of training. It incorporates workshops in May* and August*

which are also open to a wider group of participants.

Dates and Times

The training group runs over 8 weekends between March and October


Saturday and Sunday 14-15 March 10am-5.30pm                                   

Saturday and Sunday 18-19 April 10am-5.30pm                                      

Friday, Saturday and Sunday 15-17 May 10am-5.30pm*                     

Saturday and Sunday 20-21 June 10am-5.30pm                                      


Saturday and Sunday 18-19 July 10am-5.30pm 

Friday, Saturday and Sunday 14-16 August 10am-5.30pm*

Saturday and Sunday 19-20 September 10am-5.30pm

Saturday and Sunday 17-18 October 10am-5.30pm


Hilde Knottenbelt, Jenny Hutt, Chris Hosking, Richard Hall

Time Commitment

Attendance at 8 weekend workshops throughout the year (plus optional weekend

electives and interstate residential workshops).

Completion of brief written assignments related to experience, integration of theory

and practice and applications in personal and professional life.

Two individual supervision sessions during the year (three for advanced trainees).

Separate fees apply.

The Training

* Develops the capacity of trainees to be present to their own experience

and to use it in the service of developing greater mutuality with others.

* Provides grounding in the theory and practice of psychodrama so that trainees

are able to make appropriate interventions with clients, groups and organisations.

* Offers theoretical and practical frameworks for trainees to recognise patterns

of interaction and interpersonal dynamics (their own and others)

* Provides the means by which trainees can develop greater interpersonal flexibility

in a range of settings.

* Is for people with varying amounts of psychodrama experience.

* Is iterative, allowing for a gradual integration of concepts and practice.

* Is underpinned by role theory, systems theory and principles of group work.


Each workshop has a particular focus which relates both to the curriculum and the needs and

development of trainees in the training group.

The training sessions involve supervised practice, working in the here-and-now of the group

and developing the capacity to enter into the worlds of others with sensitivity and attunement.

Participants engage in experiential learning as a group member, auxiliary, protagonist and director.

Experiences are generated, expanded, reflected on and combined with supervision and teaching

to refine understanding and application of the psychodrama method.

The curriculum includes:

  • Psychodrama production techniques
  • Practice in auxiliary work, being a protagonist and directing dramas
  • Spontaneity theory
  • Sociometry
  • Role theory, including warm up, the relational concept of role, role description
  • and role analysis, the concepts of social and cultural atom
  • Role training
  • Sociodrama
  • Systems theory
  • Identification of group themes and concerns
  • Group participation and leadership
  • Working in the here and now
  • Application of psychodrama and group work in a range of settings and
  • with a range of clients

The training run by Psychodrama Australia Melbourne Campus is accredited through the Australian

and Aotearoa New Zealand Psychodrama Association Inc. (AANZPA).

For further details either click on the logo below or go to the AANZPA website

at <>

If you have further questions about psychodrama or psychodrama training you can:

1) Send us a general enquiry or question through our email by

clicking here; <>  

2) Browse our Frequently Asked Questions <>  

3) Contact Jenny Hutt on 0419 001 691 or Hilde Knottenbelt on 0419 192 187

Saturday 14th March, 2020
Start 10:00 am
Saturday and Sunday 14-15 March, 2020
SWell Centre
2 Minona St Hawthorn
Melbourne, VIC 3122