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Psychodrama Event

Catching Up

Event Cost: 
$25 - enrol here and pay at the door Students $20

Leading a full life, moving from one thing to another, can leave us without enough space to adequately absorb, savour or share experiences which mean something to us. In a similar vein, Bushmen from the Kalahari when asked why they were refusing to continue the journey after several days walking, said ‘We are waiting for our souls to catch up’.


This evening session offers a chance to catch up on funny, moving, subtle and significant moments from your everyday life. Action methods from psychodrama will be used to give attention to moments you want to notice, catch, re-experience or honour. This event is one in a 2016 series using psychodrama to build relationships and an experience of community.


Conducted by Jenny Hutt, Sociodramatist and Director of Training at Psychodrama Australia's Melbourne Campus.

Wednesday 15th June, 2016
Start 7:15 pm
Starts 7.15 finishes 9.45pm
Northcote Town Hall
189 High Street Northcote
Melbourne, VIC 3070