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Freedom is often characterised as breaking free, throwing off the chains, taking a leap into the unknown. Often freedom is missed, even rejected, because the unknown is where fears, worries, and complaints generated over a lifetime are left to fester and rot. These fears, worries, and complaints, are cherished friends, born early and nurtured long, cared for lovingly as part of a commitment to our comfort zone. What we desire freedom from, is what every day and in every way, we feed and pamper, until is it a slavering bloated beast that hangs from our ankles and moans and frets when we try something even slightly new. Freedom is not the right to choose, it is the ability to choose.

When were you last able to choose in a manner not determined by all your precious quirks, egoistic fantasies, patterns, avoidances of discomfort, and history? Or are you lucky enough to have a family or work to blame? When was the last time you felt like you could even make a modest choice that stuck for more than a minute or a day? How can we be free if every decision is undone with the emergence of discomfort, worry, doubt, or sadness?

Freedom takes many forms. There are the freedoms from: Freedom from pain, freedom from regret, freedom from memories, freedom from fear, or freedom from the past or worries of the future. There are the freedoms to: freedom to become myself, freedom to become authentic, freedom to lose myself, freedom to find myself, freedom to un-become, freedom to recreate myself, and simply freedom to be. There are the feelings: feeling free, breathing freely, experience the freedom I already have, knowing I am free, being.

This series will be a collaborative deep engagement and examination of freedom. What it means to you, to others, and how, oh how, on earth can you, or I, or anyone, choose freedom and be free. We may have to kill off sentimentality, move beyond yearning, engage our courage, enter the naked areas of our hidden lives. We wont do it alone. The teaching will come from you, from me, from the group, from our relating, as we journey together. The psychodramatic method will serve us as a means to enter the realms we need, to find the spontaneity and creativity to craft new paths for our thinking, our feeling, and our actions.

If you are interested or conflicted about coming please ring me. Let’s chat about where you are and work out whether this workshop will be useful for you at this time. This program will suit people with no experience of psychodrama.

Dates: July 4, 11, 18, 25, Aug 1, 8, 13 (Saturday), 15 - Mondays

Times: Monday 6.30 - 9.30, Saturday 13th 10.00 - 5.00

Venue: 45 Clarence St, Coorparoo, Brisbane

Fee: $385 (Discounts for unwaged folks, AANZPA members, and Mens Wellbieng)
Group Leader: Peter Howie

Peter is the Executive Director of Psychodrama Australia as well as the Director of Training for the Brisbane Campus. He has been developing and running deep learning experiential psychodrama training groups since 1993. He qualified as a psychodrama practitioner in 1999 and as a psychodrama trainer in 2006.  He completed his Master of Education in 2011 and is currently a PhD candidate at Griffith University researching psychodrama. Peter operates from a conviction in the capacity of each human being to develop the flexibility and spontaneity to make a significant contribution to their own and other’s lives, irrespective of where they have come from, and current circumstances. He believes that all human life is relational, that we live as part of complex systems, and that working in groups opens up enormous possibilities that would otherwise not occur.

Psychodrama Programs

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What is meant by acting?

When folks read about psychodrama including drama, which may include ‘acting’, they often become worried: “But I am no actor”. Well, may I ask you if you act like a son when you are with your mother? Do you act like a person in an elevator when in the elevator? Do you act like a dad when with your children?  Certainly there are elements of acting in all these situations, but they also come to us easily, we are well trained. The acting we do in psychodrama is not the acting of the stage, it is the acting of daily life, where we often don’t have a clue, but proceed anyway. Where we feel lost but outwardly seem confident. Where we drive like a formula one driver, listen to music like a fan, where we curse loudly and long about the many and various fully justified complaints we may have of our politicians, bosses, friends, family or lovers. The acting of psychodrama is actually acting as ourselves.

Monday 4th July, 2016
Start 6:30 pm
45 Clarence St Coorparoo
Brisbane, QLD 4151