Group supervision for trainees 2016

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This program provides group supervision for trainees who are applying psychodramatic principles and using action methods in their work. It is a useful adjunct to work done in the Core Training or Advanced Training groups.

The focus is on developing the professional identity of the trainee, enlarging the role repertoire of the Producer, and applying role theory, systems theory and sociometry in practice and in writing.

Trainees are expected to actively involve themselves as presenters and as supervisors of each other. The value of each person being an auxiliary to the other is experienced both in the group and in everyday life.

Trainees must have completed at least one year of Core Training to be eligible. The group will be held once a month on Wednesdays for 1.5 hours.

Group Leader:   Brigid Hirschfeld

Venue:                 Natural Therapy Centre, Aubigny Place, Mater Hospital, South Brisbane 4101

Fee:                      $320 for 8 sessions

Dates:                  Wednesdays 9th March, 13th April, 18th May, 15th June, 20th July, 17th August, 14th September and 19th October 2015    

Maximum number in a group: 5

Closing Date for application to join: 2nd March

Times:                  9.30am to 11am

Contact:              Brigid Hirschfeld, 07 3163 8072


For further information or to discuss the group contact Brigid by phone or email

Wednesday 9th March, 2016
Start 9:30 am
To Be Confirmed