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The group

This series is designed to compliment your experiments and practice of the method. It is part peer group: with the focus being with peers who are currently developing and extending how they use the method in work, personal life, or community settings. It is part project group: with the focus being to working together to develop or extend strategies, plans and actions for trialing different forms of psychodramatic enactment in different settings. Settings, such as, community organisations, educational settings, open public programs, closed self-exploration groups, other wild and woolly applications as yet unthought. It is part supervision group: with taking time to reflect on different psychodramatic and group elements and strategies that have been tried out and seeking to extend or expand the option and opportunities that may be present. It is part support group: given that trying out new applications can be exhilarating, tricky, difficult, demanding, or tiring it will be a space to regroup and explore the challenge of the work being done. It is part writing group: with colleagues ready and willing to enjoy your writing and offer thoughtful responses or recommendations.


This series is being run 2-6 on Sundays, roughly monthly – following training weekends. Participants are encouraged to attend all the workshops though it is a flexible, and relatively open group, and trainees are also welcome to join during the year. There is value in the regularity of this group as this develops its own warm-up and pressure or inspiration to apply the method which helps overcome the natural lethargy or down-graded priority that often attends this type of challenging work. The key criterion for joing this group is an interest and intent to apply the method or expand your application of the method.


Each meeting will involve connecting with one another, reviewing any experiences and applications of the method. This will be followed with examination of opportunities and the creation of plans of actions for bringing such work about. Action methods will be used as appropriate to develop spontaneity, develop creativity, stimulate and clarify thinking, and develop a body of wisdom for psychodramatic application in the world. Initially it is expected that there will be more planning and project work and as the year progresses. But as more forms of application are attempted and experimented with, it is expected that more sharing, reflection and writing will occur and less planning.


A pre-requisite for this group is a keen interest to apply the method and a willingness to experiement with developing plans, trying them out, and report back and collaborate with oithers as they also do this. Participants are not required to be part of any other ongoing training groups during the year.


The fee for this program of 10 afternoons is $600.

If you are part of another ongoing group of attending another program the fee is $480.

Joinging during the year the fee will be pro-rated to when you join.

Times and Dates

Times are Sunday 2-6 pm at 45 Clarence St, Coorparoo.

Dates are: February 26, March 26, April 23, May 28, June 18, July 16, August 20, September 24, November 12.

Once there is a group committed to the year, we may be able to shift or modify dates as required to suit participants.

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Sunday 26th February, 2017
Start 2:00 pm
45 Clarence St Coorparoo
Brisbane, QLD 4151