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Psychodrama Event

Workshop One: Elements of Psychodrama

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Psychodrama is a relational method. Dr JL Moreno the founder of psychodrama provides us with concepts and methods that enable us to recognise and articulate and apply elements and processes which constitute a relationship and enable us to participate to our mutual benefit. This workshop will focus on building a culture in which relationships flourish, where we are able to live and build, where healing and purpose can be fulfilled. The training assists in developing confidence in group presentations and in the development of interpersonal and group skills. Expect some writing and reflection time in each training weekend.



Thursday 14th February, 2019
Start 11:00 am
14th Feb 6pm-9pm 15th Feb 9.30am-3.30pm
Pennington Hall
17 Pennington Tce
Pennington, SA 5013