AANZPA Journal articles directly on sociodrama

AANZPA Journal articles directly on sociodrama - these are a series of sociodrama articles from the AANZPA journal. PLease click on the gren link for their compilation. The articles are listed in the table below.

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1992 An Application of Sociodrama in the Training of Middle Management – Diz

1993 Integration of Organisation Theory – Cher

2005 Sociodrama with juvenile offenders – Rollo

2007 Working with indigenous leaders in Cape York – Diz & Peter

2008 Sociodrama with Community Outreach Coordinators – Rollo

2008 Seeing Double – Moving between a psychodramatic and Sociodramatic perspective – Peter – Lynette

2010 Towards Healing – confronting holocaust through psychodrama, sociodrama and rituals – Yaacov Naor and Hilde Goett

2011 Healing Rifts: Sociodrama in a Maternity Community – Don

2011 Responses to the Threat of Climate Change: A Sociodramatic Exploration – Katarinas

2012 History on a Bus: Using Sociodrama to Address Racism and Reconciliation – Helen Kearins

2012 The Moving Forward Project: Reflecting on the Efficacy of Sociodrama and Playback Theatre in Addressing Family Violence – Sandra Turner & Cinnamon Boreham

2010 Thriving Under Fire: Bringing Moreno into the corporate world – John Faisandier