Dr Peter Howie

Dr Peter

Peter is a Psychodramatist and Trainer Educator Practitioner (TEP). He has been developing and running deep learning experiential psychodrama training groups since 1993. He qualified as a psychodrama practitioner in 1999 and as a psychodrama trainer in 2006. He completed his Master of Education in 2011 and completed a PhD researching the psychodramatic concept of warm-up in 2017. He has recently published in a number of well regarded journals on transformative learning, deep and surface approaches to learning, conceptual adequacy warm-up, and a methodology for refining concepts.

Peter began running psychodrama training groups with participants of mixed levels around the turn of the century.  Since then he has run groups for advanced, and intermediate groups, specialized psychodrama training groups, and groups focusing on writing and role theory. He has extensive experience running psychodrama self-development groups, and draws on this experience when working with people training to be psychodrama practitioners.

Peter has worked as an organisation development consultant over a 20-year period, and designed and ran year-long intensive leadership programs in the public and private sector one of which, the Cape York Strategic Leaders program, was a finalist in the Premier’s awards. These were extensively evaluated, researched, and shown to lead to significant behavioural shifts. In these leadership programs Peter use psychodramatic group and action methods extensively, especially sociometry, and concretisation.

Peter has had an eclectic life from his early spiritual days, his time as a house painter with a science degree, a postal deliverer, a computer programmer and systems analyst, an entrepreneurial property developer, being a trainee in psychodrama and group work, an executive coach, communications trainer, property investor, playback theatre musician, conductor and actor, Aikido practitioner, and great grandfather. His most recent significant contribution to a brilliant life on earth has been to serve as the President of AANZPA where he encouraged members in the strong development of relationships, as the way to act, when the time of the lone wolf has passed.

Peter operates from a conviction in the capacity of each human being to develop the flexibility and spontaneity to make a significant contribution to their own and other’s lives, irrespective of where they have come from, and current circumstances. He believes that all human life is relational, that we live as part of complex systems, and that working in groups opens up enormous possibilities that would otherwise not occur.  

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 His academic CV may be found here.